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Title: Introduction

Description: Introduces the course, malware goals and concepts, and the analyst mindset.


Title: Tools

Description: High level overview of malware analysis tools, their anatomy and basic usage.


Title: File_Formats

Description: Discusses in depth the Microsoft Portable Executable, Linux ELF, Apple MachO, and Adobe PDF file formats.


Title: Disassembly

Description: Covers concepts such as basic assembly instructions, functions, flow graphs, and general IDA Pro usage.


Title: Debugging

Description: Provides instruction on the use of OllyDBG, WinDBG, GDB, how to set breakpoints, find strings in memory, examine CPU registers and flags, and much more.


Title: AVEvasion

Description: Concepts and techniques that malware authors use to get around Anti-Virus and other host based security products.


Title: Unpacking

Description: The basics of how code obfuscation works and how to get around it as an analyst. Focuses on windows executables.


Title: Autoit

Description: Introduction to the AutoIt scripting language and how it is used maliciously along with analysis approaches.


Title: Malicious_Document_Analysis

Description: Deep dive into windows office and PDF based malware. Explains anti-analysis methods and how to overcome them.


Title: Scripting

Description: Exposes how malware authors employ the use of scripting language such as batch, powershell and VBscript along with what an analyst can do when faced with these types of attacks.


Title: Reporting

Description: The most important part of the course; how to most effectively communicate what you learn as an analyst to the different stakeholder audiences.



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