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Cutting edge infosec training from a long time, well known practitioner in the industry. Rather than focusing on compliance or metrics based security, these courses focus on the techniques used by attackers and defenders in the real world, including lesser known tricks taken directly from investigations and engagements.


Basic Malware Analysis

Starts Jan 22, 2021


Real World Hacking

Starts 2021


Basic Exploit Development

Starts 2021




Anthony S. Clark has been in the security community for over two decades. He has given presentations at numerous conferences and venues including Blackhat, Defcon, SANS, OWASP, and others. He has taught training classes both privately and for Blackhat. Additionally, Anthony was a contributor to Metasploit, The Penetration Testing Execution Standard, the automated malware analysis site Offensive Computing, and the consulting company Attack Research.

These courses are a product of his experience.



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